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"Our Business is to Maximize Total Loss Recovery!"

"IV Auto Advantage Recap!"

I.V. Auto is now open for E-Business 24/7. I.V. Auto Salvage recognizes that today’s fast-paced business environment requires timely and accurate decisions. In order to successfully compete in a fast-paced global economy, top dollar returns and efficient claims handling is a must. Our E-Business model is designed with the end-user in mind. All elements in the claims handling process have been implemented into our system to facilitate your needs.

When you link directly into, you transform your business procedures into optimum productivity. Electronically assign vehicles for pick up, guarantee salvage bids instantly. Adjusters have access to all steps in the claims handling process. Electronic Data Interchange, EDI, is just the first step in expediting your claim.

View any process, data, event or resource perspective from the past, present or future state of business. Executives, managers and staff are better equipped to recognize trends, identify issues and drive results. Manage performance throughout the entire process, from date of loss to file closure. Our E-business model is innovatively designed on a Business Intelligence Platform driven by your critical success factors. Your critical success factors are innovatively incorporated with our business tools to facilitate desired results. These results measure performance empowering you to proactively turn data into effective, intelligent business decisions.

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