How do I get a bid for my car?

It’s simple. Just go to our web page at

Click on the, NON MEMBER ACCESS Button to go to the bid page

From there, fill in as much information as you can. The *redfields are required

It’s great if you have photos! Helps us give you a higher bid! Open the Photo Gallery tab, and download your photos.

You can add in documents and notes about your vehicle inthe same way. open Documents and Notes tab.
When you are finished, all you have to do is click Save GSB , and your bid will be saved.

You’ll get an e-mail acknowledgment and a guaranteed bid payment amount.

Accept the bid and we will take it from there.

Have your paperwork ready! We’ll come out pick up your vehicle, keys, and paperwork, and hand you a check. It’s just that simple.

We’re the way to go!