How to sell a wrecked car: Tips for first-time sellers

wrecked car for cash

How to sell a wrecked car: Tips for first-time sellers

If you have a destroyed vehicle sitting on a driveway, you will probably want to remove it as soon as possible in exchange for money. Fortunately, there are lots of scraps that offer wrecked cars for sale, but not all of them offer a fair price and excellent service. If you need to know how to sell a wrecked car, here are some proven tips to help you choose the right buyer.


sell my Wrecked car

How to sell my car: Tips

  • Do you have a vehicle you want to sell? Was it wrecked, flooded, dumped on you by the other guy’s insurance company? Inherited? Whatever the reason…we are here at to buy it from you.
  • Choose IV Auto…we come to you.
  • You shouldn’t have to two of your vehicles to the place that’s going to buy it from you. At, once we agree to buy your vehicle, we’ll pick it up at your location at your convenience.

When you sell a wrecked car, you must choose a scrap bid that arrives at your location and tow the vehicle for free. Many companies offer this service, so there is no reason to pay for the car’s trailer. Because the total loss car for sale is valuable for the scrap bid, the company has every reason to tow it for free. If you are looking for a salvage bid that offers free towing, call I. V. AUTO INC. today.

We offer you top dollar

  • More than likely, your vehicle is NOT “junk”. It has value. At, we pay the highest values in the industry.
  • This is not an auction. We agree on a price, when to pick up your vehicle…you have the title ready (and keys if you have them). We hand you a check, you hand us a title, and your vehicle is towed away. It’s just that easy.

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What is a fair price for a shattered vehicle? It is the first question most people ask when they need to know how to sell a wrecked car. The price depends on the extent of vehicle damage. If it is not operational, the value of the car is based on the value of its good parts. In most cases, you will receive a few hundred dollars, and possibly more, for a car with a good amount of undamaged and in-demand components. Comparing offers of three different salvage bids is a good way to get an idea of ​​what a car is worth.

Verify buyer registration at the Better Business Bureau

You make sure that the buyer does not do anything funny when you arrive to tow your total loss car for sale, for example, claim that the car is worthless, or try not to pay towing costs. Although reviewing a salvage bid’s record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​cannot guarantee that these things will not happen, it can give you an idea of ​​how the company operates. Unscrupulous scrap bids often have unresolved customer complaints in their BBB record.

How Can IV Auto Help you?

Just go to our website at And click on “Non-Member Access”.

  • We buy vehicles of all types. Just go to our website, select the “non-member access” button on our home page, and fill in the boxes. You don’t have to complete all of them, just the ones marked in red.
  • It’s always great to have photos. It helps us give you better value. Just open the photos tab, and you can download your photos from there.
  • You can also add any documents you want. Maybe you have receipts for items you purchased. Just scan and add.
  • You can add notes as well. Just pick a note type, and click “add a note”. Maybe you want to tell us more about the condition of your vehicle. Whatever you think will get you top dollar for your bid.
  • Click here to see how it works:

You’ll get an instant response and a fair bid within one hour.  We take a look at what you sent and will let you know what we will pay for your car within a few minutes. Just approve it and we take it from there. Your bid is GUARANTEED to you for 30 days.


wrecked car for cash

If you need wrecked cars for sale at a fair price and ask to be towed from your property for free, call I. V. AUTO INC. We have a convenient location in California, and we will travel to your location on short notice to retrieve your unwanted vehicle. Finding out how to sell a wrecked car does not have to involve trial and error. When you sell a vehicle to I. V. AUTO INC., you can do it correctly the first time.

Advantages of selling a wrecked car –

  • You do not pay commissions for the sale of the vehicle: This happens basically with informal dealers. Those who belong to a large dealership do not charge this type of commissions. This premium will force you to unnecessarily inflate the price of your car to cover the commissioner’s payment.
  • Knowledge of the state of the vehicle: Nobody knows your car better than you. It will allow you to explain, in a better way, to the interested party, the real state of your vehicle. You can also provide all the data and answer questions to which only you have an answer.
  • Build trust: Nothing is more reliable for a buyer than talking to the owner himself, especially when it comes to buying a vehicle. An intermediary could incur the wrong data and delay or cause the sale to fall.
  • Fewer years more money: The lower the usage time and mileage of your car, it’s the resale price in the market will be higher.

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