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Services | GSB ( Guaranteed Salvage Bid )

I.V. Auto specifically designed this salvage program to provide instant, accurate market value for partial losses, total losses and owner retains. It’s as easy 1,2,3…
  1. Enter a new salvage bid
  2. Search existing bids
  3. Turn existing bids into new assignments and have them scheduled for pick up.

Guaranteed Salvage Bids Offers

  1. Submit Claims
  2. Receive instant confirmation
  3. Automated email validates bid for 120 days
  4. Value of the vehicle at the time of the accident.
  5. Total cost of repair
  6. Fair market value for salvage –Guaranteed Salvage Bid Program

More Benefits

  • Written Proof of fair salvage value.
  • Completed bids honored for 120 days.
  • Automated, fast and accurate.

Enter details and receive your salvage bid, instantly. The more information provided, the more accurate your bid, usually resulting in a higher bid amount. Our automated system will provide a bid status of either Completed or Pending, instantly. After your bid has been entered, search existing bids, turn your existing bid into a new assignment and schedule it for pick up. We will have your vehicle within 24 hours. Use the Guaranteed Salvage Bid Search functionality to locate your bid and turn your bid into an assignment.

Guaranteed Salvage Bid (G.S.B.) Program: Get a guaranteed quote, evaluate borderline total loss claims and owner retains. I.V.A.S. honors the Guaranteed Salvage Bid. Instantly turn your bid into an assignment or utilize the program as a service to evaluate your claims. Your adjusters will settle and close files faster.

I.V. Auto’s Guaranteed Salvage Bid Program (G.S.B.) is designed to close files faster, accurately and take the quesswork out of claims management. One of the most difficult claims for an insurance adjuster to settle is a total-loss claim, where the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds the precedent value minus salvage value. Adjusters must determine (3) three values before concluding a vehicle a total loss:

Salvage Solutions Loss Recovery Program: I.V.A.S. will pay for all damaged vehicles by percentage basis of the Actual Cash Value, ACV. All ACV’s and repair amounts are based on your adjuster’s Appraisal Reports. Please contact us for detailed information regarding our all-inclusive ‘Total Loss’ Solutions and Services.

Theft Recovery Program: We’re the industry leader. I.V.A.S. pays top dollar for theft recoveries. Our streamlined operations and expanded buyer markets allow us to maximize your returns. Please contact us for detailed information regarding our all-inclusive ‘Total Loss’ Solutions and Services.

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