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Total Loss Assignment

Eliminate Costs

Eliminate Fees! Are fees eroding your bottom-line revenue?

Our total-loss programs eliminate indirect costs that erode your salvage returns. When you send I.V. Auto, Inc. the title, you get paid and we own the vehicle.

What does this mean to you?

Your returns are maximized all year long! Unlike the auctions, I.V. Auto Salvage, Inc. has a vested interest in maintaining vehicle integrity…We buy your vehicles! You get paid faster and can close your claim faster!

  • Goodbye! To All Indirect Costs!
  • Goodbye! Depreciation from Inventory Aging
  • Goodbye! Decreased Value from Inventory Damage
  • Goodbye! Buyer Fee Erosion
  • Goodbye! Soft Markets
  • Goodbye! Payment Delays
  • Goodbye! Minimum Bid Management
  • Goodbye! Costs of Having No Keys
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